The documentary film – Port Hundested



Port Hundested is a documentary film by filmmaker Ketil Teisen and composer as well as sounddesigner Hans Sydow.

In this film they create a musical description of the Port Hundested located north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hundested Baadeværft

In this film we follow the young boat builders of Hundested Shipyard who just took over one of the most famous Shipyards in Denmark the Molich Yard.

If you want to know more about Hundested Baadeværft, please use this link: go to website


At Egeværk two young cabinet makers makes unika furniture, in the best quality of Danish Design. Here we follow them creating a table i oak from tree to finished table on the Port of Hundested.

Hundested Rørvig Færge

This film is about a small danish ferry in the north of Sealand.
In this film we follow the crew from dawn to dusk and get a feeling of the life on the ferry named in danish – Hundested Rørvig Færge.

Backhaus – Brown


Backhaus – Brown is two glassblower artists based in the port of Hundested in the north of Sealand outside Copenhagen. They blow a glass sculpture and a vase in their workshop on the pier as you will see from the film underneath.

They even make handmade lamps as you can see from the film beneath, where you will be able to see how they produce the lamp named Queen.

You will be able to see and read more about Backhaus-Browns products, as well as how to connect with them, using this link – Go to Backhaus-Brown

Hundested Havn

Port Hundested is a port in the north of seeland outside Copenhagen, Denmark. This film is about the port and one of the last active slipways in Denmark.

Mostel Byg Aps

Brian Mostel builds ships and houses around the Port of Hundested. We follow him on three projects, a boat who needs restoration, a new house and the renovation of a historic wooden construction.