Danish-Export.Biz is a danish export and business cluster community with local company overview.

Often when you have to make B-t-B purchases, a greater knowledge of the company you want to buy goods from is required. Not only must the quality of the goods be top-notch with every delivery. The company’s employees and management team also has to be top notch. Especially if the products you buy have a vital impact on your own company’s ability to deliver goods on time that are of top quality.

As a B-t-B buyer, you often need to visit your suppliers, but if you have your business in Australia, then a trip to a possible supplier in Hundested in Denmark is a costly and time-consuming disposition.

Danish-Export.Biz therefore allows international customers to visit one’s company, see one’s employees in action, and meet the company’s management. Factors that for a buyer can be decisive for choosing to visit one’s business, even if it is far, far away.

Danish-Export.Biz is a MVmdcc.com project, – that already has proven its worth for the participating companies.

For further information, please contact us, using this link: connect with MVmdcc.com

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup

CEO for MVmdcc.com

NB. The portal is primarily open for local business, that offers high quality services and products for export.