Blacksmith and machine factory K.S.M. Kragelund ApS


K.S.M. Kragelund ApS currently has approximately 80 employees, under the same roof, spread over 12,000 square meters.

The unique expertise for our company and also ability to fulfill special product development for individual customers working at a very high technological and professional level, can best be described by having in mind, that our company have been refining our craftsmanship and technological knowledge for more the 54 years, so we today are providing our customers with high quality, services and products – coming from welding, cutting and rolling, – and bending and sawing work.

K.S.M. Kragelund ApS thus offers a number of unique ekspertises in the classic craft of the blacksmith profession and likewise also in the very most modern blacksmith profession. One profession and its traditions we cherish with professionalism and pride.

The following film, is framing the accuracy of the above information about our company. We do not say something, that we can not fulfill everyday in our company, and in favor of our customers best interest.

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